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Make Your Tea Worth Sippin'

DO NOT boil the water: Oxygen is a critical part of making water taste good and well, most of your tea is made of water! Start with the highest quality water you can find. Modest is hottest: keep your tea covered while steeping. You will lose the bulk of the nutrients, especially with fresh ingredients, if left uncovered DO NOT steep longer than necessary: Miley may be right that it’s about the climb but over steeping will make for a bitter cup of tea! Follow the guidelines below based on what you’re brewing.

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5 Ways to Turn Home to Haven

Knowledge Nook – Pick one or more and make it visible in your space to Oracle cards – not to be confused with Tarot cards, and can remind you of the different paths you can take in life. Pendulums – While some have used them for gold mining, these are great for yes/no questions. Reading tea leaves – bring your teacup, hot water, a few tea leaves and a bit of intuition. Astrology – Grab a birth chart and dig in but don’t feel trapped, ultimately you decide your future.

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