Our Story

Self care is not a treat. It’s a ritual.

We are Caitlin and Christina, the flower pickers, potion mixers, and self care devotees behind Lit Rituals. What began years ago as a home kitchen candle project between friends led to a full line of thoughtfully crafted wellness goodies all rooted in the belief that our self care routines should be more natural and intentional, while minimizing our impact on the earth.

After years of offering our botanical creations side-by-side at Bay Area popups and through our website, our community has come to love our dedication to meaningful self care rituals. They love our good-for-you ingredients. They love the herbal knowledge and folklore we share. They love that we encourage inner work, and that everything we offer is small batch and handmade. Most of all, they love the power of ritual to help rest, refresh, and cleanse—just as much as we do.

Lit Rituals isn’t just a shop. It’s your very own space to slow down and create a self care routine that lasts.

So sit back, take a deep, soothing breath, and explore our rituals. Reflect on what speaks to you, whether it’s our botanically dyed altar candles, herbal smokes, or burn bundles. We hope you find them as grounding as we do!

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Caitlin and Christina