What’s the quickest and easiest way to add some witchy healing positive energy to your safe space? Here are 5 ways to turn your home into a haven:

First and foremost this is YOUR space. Grab what resonates and give yourself permission to discard what doesn’t. Listen to that which speaks to you personally –


  1. Tune in to the Moon – a ‘phased’ approach. Make the moon part of your life.
  • New Moon – Fresh start(s) headed your way
  • Waning – All about giving thanks and being grateful 
  • Waxing – Purpose. If you don’t have an intention set time to make one.
  • Full – Making your purpose a reality. Time to turn a plan into action.


  1. Knowledge Nook – Pick one or more and make it visible in your space to do the following:
  • Oracle cards – not to be confused with Tarot cards, and can remind you of the different paths you can take in life.
  • Pendulums – While some have used them for gold mining, these are great for yes/no questions.
  • Astrology – Grab a birth chart and dig in but don’t feel trapped, ultimately you decide your future.


  1. Add some crystals- These sparkling beauties carry various positive energies:
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Hematite – building strength
  • Amethyst - Keeps your mood in check
  • Selenite - Crystal charger
  • Lepidolite - Clears clutter in your Crown Chakra
  • Rose Quartz - Boundless love
  • Green Jade – Detoxification
  • Serpentine – Body/physical renewal
  • Moonstone – Goddess energy
  • Carnelian – Vitality


  1. Energetic Clearing - Energy is all around us , spells + vision board
  • Garden Sage – Cleaning out my [energy] closet
  • Rosemary – Sexual healing
  • Lavender – Chill out and nap hard
  • Roses – Trauma treatment
  • Chamomile – Anxiety Crusher
  • Lemon Balm – Emotional healing
  • Peppermint – Pep in your step when your vibes are out of alignment



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