Do your tea tokes contain tobacco or cannabis?  

Nope! Our Tea Tokes are all herbal with absolutely no tobacco or cannabis products.

Do you have a variety pack of tokes so I can try each flavor?

Unfortunately we do not have a variety pack at this time, but check back later as we are always researching new and exciting products.

Where are your ingredients from?  Do you have farmed ingredients, or from the wild?

We make trips to the mountains once a month to harvest some of our ingredients in the wild. Many of our ingredients are sourced locally from small farms as well. All of our natural ingredients are organic, and our fragrances and oils are body safe as well.

How much will my order cost to ship to me?

Once you input your shipping information, your costs will all be calculated in your cart.


How do you build an altar/What should I put in my altar?

Each altar is individual to its user. You can put anything on your altar that you want to manifest in your life. We like to use our favorite crystals and candles, as well as tarot cards that have special meaning to us, cash to bring wealth, photos of loved ones, jewelry you would like to charge and bless, natural things like stones and feathers. Basically, each altar is personal to you!

What if I want to order a custom blend or a large amount of your products for a wedding or event?

We can make  both of those happen! Please reach out to hello@litrituals.com so that we can start a conversation!

Where is my order?

Due to the varying nature of our postal service, please give your package 7 business days to arrive. If you haven’t received it by then, please contact hello@litrituals.com so we can see what is happening.

Can I make a return?

Due to the nature of our products, we are unable to accept returns on products. However if you have received something that is damaged, please send photos to hello@litrituals.com .

How do I use a burn wand?

Open a few windows and doors to help any smoke and negative energy escape easily. Light your burn bundle over your burnsafe dish/bowl until a small flame has caught. While holding your burn bundle over the dish lightly blow on the flame until it goes out. The bundle will then smoke gently like incense.