Zodiac Tea Tokes

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10 herbal cigarettes that are filled with smokeable plants representative of the individual astrological signs.

Non-bleached & biodegradable cone, crutch and tin box. 

Aries: An uplifting and flavorful blend of intentionally blended herbs that are both earthy & floral.

Organic Ingredients: Marshmallow, hops, yarrow, meadowsweet, calendula, hawthorn & hyssop. 

Taurus: A full-bodied and grounding mix of intentionally blended herbs that are both earthy & floral.

Organic Ingredients: Marshmallow, catnip, damiana, rose, rooibos, passionflower, mugwort & sage. 

Gemini: A full-bodied and subtly citrusy mix of intentionally blended herbs that are both earthy & grounding.

Ingredients: Mullein, lavender, spearmint, sage, gotu kola, meadowsweet, fennel, catnip & lemongrass.

Cancer: An herbaceous and subtly spicy mix of intentionally blended herbs, some of which are ruled by the moon.

Organic Ingredients: Mullein, chamomile, lemon balm, blue lotus, ginger, rosemary, red clover and sage. 

Leo: The blend is sunny, uplifting, herbaceous with a very subtle hint of spice. 

Organic Ingredients: mullein, calendula, hawthorn, lion’s tail, helichrysum, lemon balm, chamomile, hyssop and a small pinch of sun flower petals. 

Virgo: Each plant has its own spirit, flavor and charm, and the herbs offer support for emotional and spiritual well being.

Organic ingredients: mullein, fennel, spearmint, lavender, skullcap, lemon balm, chamomile and licorice.


Organic ingredients: mullein, catnip, damiana, lemon balm, yarrow, passionflower, red & green rooibos, rose & an energetic amount of violet. Non-bleached &biodegradable cone, crutch and box. 


Organic ingredients: mullein, tulsi, oatstraw, yarrow, rose, passionflower, hops, sage. Non-bleached &biodegradable cone, crutch and box. 

Sagittarius: An uplifting and flavorful blend of intentionally contrasted herbs that are both spicy, earthy & floral.

Organic Ingredients: mullein, hyssop, lavender, lemon balm, sage, meadowsweet, clove, star anise, and calendula.


Organic Ingredients: Mullein, lemon balm, chamomile, yarrow, licorice, oat-straw and lobelia. 


Organic Ingredients: Marshmallow leaf, lavender, spearmint, catnip, passionflower, skullcap, motherwort, fennel, lemon balm and yarrow


Organic Ingredients: Mullein, lavender, oat- straw, passionflower, sage, yarrow, blue lotus and lobelia