'Lucid' Burn Wand

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Lucid is a gorgeous smudge wands intended for enhancing lucid dreams and deepening nightly visions. 
  • Mugwort is locally harvested. This leafy and aromatic herb has a rich history of enhancing your dreams. 
  • Blue Lotus is a gorgeous blue flower that deepen rest and increase lucidity while dreaming.
  • Yarrow is a powerful herb that is thought to cast a protective aura around those who work with it. The intention in this wand is for the yarrow to ward off nightmares. 
  • Straw Flower is said to thin the veil and allow for greater communication between this world and the spirit realm. 
Light your burn bundle over your burn safe dish/bowl until a small flame has caught. While holding your burn bundle over the dish lightly blow on the flame until it goes out. The bundle will then smoke gently like incense.