'Lunar' Tea Tokes

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Embrace the ancient practice of smoking plants for both ceremonial rituals and recreational enjoyment. Lunar Herbal Cigarettes offer a delightful alternative to traditional cigarettes and vapes, creating a world where each plant brings its own spirit, flavor, and charm while supporting your emotional and spiritual well-being.

Crafted to foster relaxation, our Lunar blend is perfect for unwinding in the evening. With ingredients like red clover blossom leaf, blue cornflower, hops, blue lotus, raspberry leaf, and marshmallow, these herbal cigarettes provide a gentle escape from daily stress. Notably, many have successfully used our blend as a stepping stone to quit vaping or traditional cigarettes.

10 Herbal Cigarettes per box. 
All natural & biodegradable rolling papers so you can enjoy the purity of the herbs. 
Want to mix? This blend is also available in loose form, offering versatility for those looking to transition away from other herbs or mix their smokeable herbs with weed, tobacco, or other varieties. Take me to the loose blend!

Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Please note that Lunar Herbal Cigarettes are not suitable for pregnant or nursing individuals due to the presence of raspberry leaf and red clover blossom leaf. We prioritize your well-being and urge caution during these stages.

Rest assured, we strictly enforce the legal smoking age requirement. While Lunar Herbal Cigarettes offer a refreshing experience, it's important to acknowledge potential health risks. Intended for recreational and ritual use, we hold no responsibility for any adverse effects resulting from their use.

All natural & biodegradable rolling papers so you can enjoy the purity of the herbs.