'Chamomile Rose' Ritual Soy Candle

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'Chamomile Rose' soy candle was inspired by the soothing invisible blanket that envelopes one who sips a cup of chamomile and rose petal tea. If you don't know this pleasure then please stop reading this and go make yourself this cup of perfection. Both sweet and floral and gentle and calming, chamomile rose tea absolutely deserves a candle to be made in its honor, so here it is! 

Aromatic Notes:

  • TOP ethereal amber
  • MIDDLE bouquet of a dozen rock roses
  • BOTTOM freshly picked chamomile blossoms

Toppings: Chamomile

4oz reusable glass jar.


Our candles are made with 100% premium soy wax & essential oils as well as body safe fragrances. We use reclaimed wooden wicks to ensure the cleanest burn, which is safer for allergies & asthma.  As a bonus, it burns low and slow. 

  • Wooden wick
  • Soy wax
  • 45-hour burn time
  • Glass Jar