'Soul' Beeswax Taper Candles

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Your invaluable feedback has guided us in refining our Soul Beeswax Candles to better meet your needs. In response to your suggestions, these candles have been thoughtfully redesigned to seamlessly fit into universal candle holders, ensuring enhanced adaptability and convenience. Renamed as Beeswax Memorial Candles, this updated bundle of two embodies a singular, ideal size that effortlessly harmonizes in any setting.

Crafted from pure white beeswax, our Beeswax Memorial Candles remain unscented, allowing for a serene ambiance. Adorned with the winged everlasting blossom, these candles hold a special significance, intended to facilitate communication with departed loved ones. We've felt a deep calling to create a candle specifically for honoring their lives, and these candles stand as a testament to that heartfelt intention.

Each bundle includes two candles. For a safe and respectful burn experience, please ensure the removal of adornments before lighting.

Embrace the essence of remembrance and connection with our enhanced Beeswax Memorial Candles. May the gentle glow of these candles serve as a beacon, fostering moments of reflection and honoring the cherished memories of those who have passed.