'Sacred Space' Beeswax Taper Candles

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Your feedback is invaluable, and we've taken it to heart to enhance our Sacred Space Beeswax Candles for an even more enriched experience. Embracing your suggestions, these candles are now meticulously designed to fit universally into candle holders, offering seamless adaptability and convenience. This updated bundle of two embodies tranquility in a single, ideal size that harmonizes effortlessly in any space.

Crafted with 100% beeswax and infused with lavender essential oil, these candles remain true to their essence of fostering a serene atmosphere during rituals. When ignited, they exude a calming fragrance, creating an aura of relaxation conducive to meditation practices. Adorned with exquisite pieces of dried lavender, each candle enhances the ambiance and reinforces a sense of peace and tranquility.

Ensuring these candles maintain their soothing essence involves keeping them away from direct sunlight. Remember, before lighting, kindly remove the adornments for a safe and serene burn experience.