'Meadow Maiden' Beeswax Taper Candles

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Your feedback has been instrumental in refining our Meadow Maiden Beeswax Candles, enhancing your experience to resonate even more profoundly with nature's embrace. In response to your suggestions, these candles have been meticulously redesigned to seamlessly fit into universal candle holders, ensuring greater versatility and ease of use. This updated bundle of two embodies the essence of the natural world in a singular, perfect size that harmonizes effortlessly in any environment.

Crafted with 100% beeswax and eco-friendly dyes, these enchanting pastel green candles retain their allure while offering an aromatic journey reminiscent of a refreshing, rain-kissed Spring day. Infused with essential oils of sweet grass and a touch of Eucalyptus, they transport you to a nearby meadow, invoking a sense of connection to the land and Mother Earth. Adorned with delicate helichrysum flowers, each candle becomes a symbol of reverence for forests, trees, meadows, and the Earth itself.

To preserve their captivating allure, it's best to keep these candles away from direct sunlight. Remember, before lighting, kindly remove the adornments for a safe and immersive burn experience.