'Winter Brume' Hag Torch Mullein Candle

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'Winter Brume' Hag Torch Mullein Candle

Our Hag Torches are essentially candles (another common name for them is "witch candle") made from mullein stalks and pure white beeswax.

Winter Brume Hag Torch is unscented other than the sweet honey-like scent of beeswax and the herbs at the tip.

Each stalk is lovingly dipped in an herbal medley of blue corn flower, blue lotus, rosemary + lavender to heighten our ability to see through the veil and communicate with ancestral spirits. 

Once the stalk catches fire, the flame is bright and strong (hence the name "Torch"). These torches burn approximately 10 minutes per inch and vary in width because... nature! Be sure to place the burning torch on a burn safe dish, surrounded by water.