Wand of 'Incandescence' Burn Bundle

Wand of 'Incandescence' Burn Bundle

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Wand of Incandescence is a BEAUTIFUL and aromatic burn wand that will cleanse and brighten any space. This is our rendition of a traditional Yule Wand. It's perfect for chillier months but offers beauty and aromatherapy throughout the year just as well.

Made with:

  • Cedar is a powerful antimicrobial. It dwells in forests where dank atmospheres create fungi and mold. Cedar needles are packed with a high content of volatile oils which release when burned and work to cleanse spaces of bacteria, insects and mold. its also known to be a powerful spiritual therapy to connect with the sun, the earth and ancestors. 
  • Eucalyptus emits a refreshing and strong aroma that opens airways and freshens the air.
  • Pearly Everlasting is also known as Life Everlasting. It received its colloquial names from the thought that it promotes longevity. Its part of the daisy family and readily reseeds-- you could plant a few blossoms in the Spring from this vary wand and possibly grow some yourself!
  • Straw Flowers are thought to thin the veil between realms, and offer clearer communication between you and your ancestors. 
  • Dried Oranges Their vibrant color and sweet aroma (smells like candy when burned!)  remind us of the brightness and beauty in the world. 
  • Cinnamon pairs so lovely with cedar and orange. It brings a spicy warmth to the citrus of traditional Yule Wands


Approx 9" x  2.5"