‘The Ultimate Winter Glow Set’

‘The Ultimate Winter Glow Set’

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This kit is the ultimate Winter lovers set! It includes a little bit of everything you need to embrace these nippy winter months and illuminate your home and rituals with coziness and warmth. 


The 'Ultimate Winter Glow' Set 

Incandescence + Snowy Evergreen Altars + Moon Cycle Matches + 'Deep Inhale' Salve + Winter Glow Soy Candle + 'Warmth' Bath Salts


Incandescence is a BEAUTIFUL and aromatic burn wand will cleanse and brighten any space. Cedar, eucalyptus, pearly everlasting, straw flowers, a dried orange and cinnamon make this wand a magical fairy amulet for Yuletide seasons.

Snowy Evergreen Altars Pure white beeswax scented with cedar and vanilla aromas, topped with an evergreen cypress sprig.

Moon Cycle Matches Black tipped matches in a box printed with the cycles of the moon.

Deep Inhale Salve Wildfires, allergies, congestion or a cold? This salve is an all natural gentle chest rub that will open and cleanse your air pathways.

Winter Glow Soy Candle Organic non GMO soy poured into a 14 oz forest green vessel, with an aroma of smoked oud, cedar, a hint of enlivening mint and brown sugar.

'Warmth' Bath Salts Detoxifying epsom salt lightly scented with essential oils of bergamot, eucalyptus and cedarwood. Warming herbs of cloves, orange, spearmint and star anise, topped with a white strawflower to draw the blood to the skins surface and create healthy circulation during the coldest months of the year.