The 'Candle Flight’ Gift Set
The 'Candle Flight’ Gift Set
The 'Candle Flight’ Gift Set

The 'Candle Flight’ Gift Set

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An excellent gift for candle lovers! This set comes with a sampler of soy & beeswax candles.

The 'Candle Flight' Gift Set

'Ginger Tea & Honey' Travel Soy Candle + 'Protection' Travel Soy Candle + Constellation Matchbox + 'Snowy Evergreen' Altar Candles

Ginger Tea & Honey Soy Travel Candle - A warm & inviting scent. We wanted to create something that felt warm & reminiscent of this cozy time of year. We imagine ourselves enjoying a warm cup of spiced ginger tea with honey in the morning with woodsy notes of oak, cinnamon bark and cloves, with hints of wild berries.

Protection Travel Soy Candle - Protection is our best selling scent. It uses Lavender essential oil to promote relaxation and calm, while Rosemary essential oil sharpens your senses. Blended together they create an intoxicating scent that fills the room. Burn this candle when you feel like you need a little more protection from negative energies, or are feeling anxious.  Some mediation and the aroma of Protection will have you feeling centered in no time.

Constellation Matches -  50 White tipped matchsticks Perfect for your coffee table and to not ruin the aesthetic of your candle ritual!

Snowy Evergreen Altar Candles - Pure white beeswax scented with cedar and vanilla aromas, topped with an evergreen cypress sprig.