‘Tea Toke Family Bundle’

‘Tea Toke Family Bundle’

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This kit is the ultimate smokers gift set! It includes each of our classic herbal cigarette flavors, as well as a beautiful Ceramic Mouthpiece to use as a tool to enhance the ritual of puffing an herbal tea toke. The 'Tea Toke Family Bundle' is for anyone who is curious about how it could be to puff a tea toke in place of a conventional cigarette or cannabis. 


The 'Tea Toke Family Bundle' Gift Set

Tea Toke Family Bundle + Ceramic Mouthpiece


Tea Toke Family Bundle 

This bundle has one pack of each of our six classic tea tokes blends. Each blend has 10 herbal cigarettes filled with organic, calming and flavorful herbal blends to puff puff and pass, or simply toke on solo while soaking in the tub.


  • Inner Work Our Inner Work Tea Tokes are a blend of herbs that will help you in meditation or self reflecting. Ingredients: Mullein, scullcap, lavender, damiana & lobelia.

  • Venus Our Venus Tea Tokes are a blend of aphrodisiac herbs that induce feelings of deep relaxation and euphoria. Ingredients: Mullein, roses, damiana, lemon balm & tulsi.


  • Slumber Our Slumber Tea Tokes are a blend of herbs that aid in ultimate relaxation and rest. Ingredients: Mullein, lemon balm, skullcap, lavender, passion flower, hops and chamomile. 


  • Solar Our Solar Tea Tokes are a blend of herbs that will help elevate your mood and draw energy upwards. Ingredients: Coltsfoot, mullein, lemon balm, calendula, chrysanthemum, tulsi gotu kola, oat straw. 


  • Dream Worker Our Dream Worker Tea Tokes are a blend of herbs that hold a longstanding reputation of inducing vivid dreams, with herbs that aid in retaining what you've dreamt.  Ingredients: Mullein, sage, spearmint, mugwort, chamomile, blue lotus and licorice root. 


  • Lunar Our Lunar Tea Tokes are a blend of herbs that are ruled by the moon. Therefore, gently puffing their smoke establishes and deepens the connection the pie in the sky.  Ingredients: red clover blossom leaf, blue cornflower, hops, blue lotus, raspberry leaf, and marshmallow.  



Ceramic Mouthpiece 

Additionally this bundle includes a ceramic mouthpiece made by a local (to us) Bay Area artist. The mouthpieces come in a deep interstellar blue, or a two-toned pink and light blue. The mouthpieces aerate the drag of the cigarette, therefore making it smoother and even more enjoyable.