‘Strawberry Love Spell’ Set
‘Strawberry Love Spell’ Set
‘Strawberry Love Spell’ Set

‘Strawberry Love Spell’ Set

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This cozy duo includes a luscious bath salt made with herbal aphrodisiacs, organic strawberries and coconut cream. The ‘Love Spell’ altar candles are adorned with amulets of love. Give one candle away, to someone that you care for, and use the other to light as you bask in a bath of strawberries and cream!

'Strawberries & Cream' Strawberries are symbolic of the heart, and when a berry is split between two, legend has it their love is strengthened. Bathing in strawberries and coconut milk is truly a lavish experience that is much deserved. The strawberries are a blast of vitamin c & antioxidants to our skin, while the coconut cream softens our whole being. Damiana and rose are aphrodisiacs that deepen relaxation already taking place from the detoxifying Epsom salt. Rose geranium & sage are a sultry aromatic combo that smell divine when paired with strawberries and coconut cream.

Organic Ingredients: Epsom salt, roses, damiana, freeze-dried strawberries, coconut milk powder & essential oils of rose geranium & sage. Includes a non-bleached muslin pouch to use for salt contents while bathing.

‘Love Spell’ altar candles are two beeswax candles, lightly scented with vanilla and star anise essential oil. Their heart-centered adornments include:

  • Roses: the ultimate flower of romance, for others and yourself.
  • Nigella: aka ‘Love-in-the-Mist’ is thought to hasten the connection between lovers that are meant to be.
  • Damiana: a powerful aphrodisiac
  • Himalayan Salt: beautiful pink salt crystals to cleanse the space
  • Rose Quartz Crystals: open up the heart space
  • Statice: for strength and durability
  • Yarrow: to protect us from heartbreak
  • Bunny Tail: reminds us to remain playful and loving


Approx 6" long, 20+ hour burn time.

*Candles will burn best when adornments are removed before burning. Adornments can be placed on an altar, buried outside, or placed around the candle in a ritual.