‘Smoke Show’ Set

‘Smoke Show’ Set

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This sexzzy duo includes our 10oz ‘Ambrette & Onyx’ candle adorned with trinkets of love, as well as our chonky botanical burn bundle, ‘Wand of Beauty’ filled with flowers and herbs of romance & elegance. Together, these beautiful burnables are the ultimate smoke show!

'Ambrette & Onyx' is a 10 oz reusable ceramic, geo-patterned jar with a matching lid. Hand-poured with non-GMO soy wax and a recycled wooden wick and topped with aphrodisiacs like damiana & rose + a rose quartz heart & babies breath. The aroma is out of this world– a Rich crème brûlée, ambrette glaze, crystallized ginger, and smooth caramel dance in a festive, toast-worthy sensation. It’s dessert over and over and over again. 

Fragrance Notes
Top: Crystallized Ginger, Orange Valenci
Middle: Orchid Petals, Coconut Husks, Caramel
Bottom: Crème Brûlée, Vanilla Souffle, Ambrette Glaze

Once you’ve burned through the candle, be sure to use this gorgeous vessel for your favorite amulets and jewelry!


'Wand of Beauty' is made on a base of organic white lavender. This particular tyoe of lavender smells sweet with hints of vanilla. Adorning this wand are herbs and flowers that represent love messages from the heart.

  • Roses: the ultimate flower of romance, for others and yourself. 
  • Nigella: aka ‘Love-in-the-Mist’ is thought to hasten connection between lovers that are meant to be.
  • Statice: for strength and durability
  • Bunny Tail: reminds us to remain playful and loving
  • Baby's Breath: encourages softness with yourself and others.
  • Straw Flower: enhances communication with lost loved ones
  • Apple Slice: signifies love, fertility, luxury, abundance and pleasure