Scullcap Tincture

Scullcap Tincture

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Scutellaria lateriflora is nervine tonic & mild sedative. It is said to aid in the restoration & proper function of the nervous system.

Folks looking to ease not only menstrual cramping, but also irritability around their period may benefit greatly from scullcap tincture. Scullcap is also indicated for nervous system support in cases of withdrawal from various addictions including pharmaceuticals, coffee, nicotine and many stimulants.

Scullcap may decrease rapid nerve firing, pinched nerves, shingles and herpes. This tincture is definitely worth a try for tension migraines and headaches, as scullcap is an ally in reducing muscle “guarding” and tensing.

I made this tincture from *fresh*, organically grown scullcap and allowed the menstruum to steep for two lunar cycles. It’s potent and ready to guide a fraught nervous system back toward balance. ☺️

2 oz