'Rose of the Forest' Burn Bundle

'Rose of the Forest' Burn Bundle

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Rose of the Forest is a burn bundle packed with fresh smelling Doug Fir needles plucked from the Sierra mountains. The aroma of the fir is crisp and citrusy and enhanced with sweetness from the dried orange and rose that sits on the bed of forest needles.

Made with:

  • Doug Fir is a powerful antimicrobial. Fir needles are packed with a high content of volatile oils which release when burned and work to cleanse spaces of bacteria, insects and mold. 
  • Rose represents love, beauty, romance and the heart. 
  • Baby's Breath are tiny white daisies that remind us to be tender and delicate with ourselves and others.
  • Straw Flowers are thought to thin the veil between realms, and offer clearer communication between you and your ancestors. 
  • Dried Oranges Their vibrant color and sweet aroma (smells like candy when burned!)  remind us of the brightness and beauty in the world.


Approx 6" x 1.5"