‘Quartz’ Skin Clearing Oil

‘Quartz’ Skin Clearing Oil

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An herbal infused blend of organic cold pressed oils for the face, neck and décolletage.

Made with antimicrobial herbs such as rosemary, sage & chaparral world to clean the skin of acne causing bacterial. Horsetail and calendula offer properties that both speed the healing of skin and reinforce the skins integrity. Lavender and nettle are said to calm redness and inflammation.

Oils of almond, safflower and sunflower are light and cleansing oils that make it easier for the skin to a rob the herbal constituents. ‘Quartz’ is lightly scented with pure essential oils of lavender and bergamot giving this face oil a bright and enlivening aroma.

Each bottle comes with a clear quartz crystal within the bottle, infusing the oil. Clear quartz crystal is said to stimulate skin cell rejuvenation and dermal balance. 

Organic Ingredients: nettle, Rosemary, horsetail, calendula, Sage, chaparral, lavender, almond oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil. Essential oils of lavender & bergamot. Clear quartz crystal. 

2oz with pump top 

*it is wise to consult a healthcare provider before ingesting herbal products. 

**these statements are not intended to treat or diagnose people & illnesses. 

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