'Mulling Spices' Loose Tea
'Mulling Spices' Loose Tea

'Mulling Spices' Loose Tea

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Mulling spices is an old practice, a fall-time ritual that involves infusing warmed juices, wines, or ciders blended with vibrant ingredients, this results in a smooth and soothing evening Fall-iday beverage. Our Mulling Spices feature the traditional ingredients of cinnamon, cloves, allspice, star anise and dried orange peels, BUT we wanted to add in immune boosting ginger, elderberry & licorice, so we did! . All of these herbs create a full bodied brew that is sweet, light, and honestly kind of addicting! Add in a little cream for an extra cozy cup!

We made this one extra big :-) | 4 oz of loose tea.

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