‘Mama Nature' Mother's Day Kit
‘Mama Nature' Mother's Day Kit

‘Mama Nature' Mother's Day Kit

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A little care package made with herbal magic and love including our 'Mama Nature' salt tube, 'Mama Nature' soy candle and our large butterfly matches.
For details on our 'Mama Nature' soy candle, please visit the individual listing <3
'Mama Nature' bath salts come in a large 4oz glass tube with a reusable cork lid. It's filled with earthy salts and flowers to nourish the body, mind and soul. 
  • Epsom Salt detoxes the skin and relaxes the muscles giving us the ultimate relaxing feeling.
  • Rose to represent love & the heart. 
  • Helichrysum for times of renewal & rebirth.
  • Straw Flower to enhance connection to ancestors
  • Orange slice for the sweetness of a Mother's Day brunch mimosa
  • Calendula to soften & strengthen the skin.
  • Motherwort for fierceness as well as a sense of maternal embrace.
  • Chrysanthemum for sunshine warmth
  • Lavender essential oil to calm the senses and cleanse the


The Large Butterfly Matches are 8.5” with 50 charcoal tipped matches. Both sides differ slightly; the differences are shown in the photo.