'Mama Nature' Candle

'Mama Nature' Candle

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A 13.7oz sunny matte yellow glass with approx 11oz of soy wax. Lightly scented with notes of jasmine, honeysuckle, mimosa and citrusy essential oil to create the perfect aroma of spring, champagne and sweet nectar all into one. 

These microcosmic candles are intentionally topped with adornments that hold meaning for the special person so many of us regard as the matriarch. 

  • motherwort to give a sense of a motherly embrace
  • lavender to bring about clarity with communication
  • orange slice to enhance the ambiance of a bubbly sweet mimosa
  • winged everlasting to strengthen communication with mom's that have passed on. <3
  • rosemary for holding tight to precious memories 
  • rosey colored mica powder that swirls about in melted wax, creating a magical potion.
  • roses & a rose quatrz crystal heart to represent the soul and heart.

Our candles are made with 100% premium non GMO soy wax & essential oils as well as body safe fragrances.

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