Love Spell Altar Candles- Valentine's Day Collection

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'Love Spell' altar candles are adorned with beautiful charms signifying love. The two candles appear to have the same charms, but they are actually different! Keep both for yourself, or gift one (or both) to someone you love!

Made with 100% pure beeswax, a cotton wick



Statice: for strength & endurance

Rose: Invokes inner beauty. Ruled by Venus

Damiana: an aromatic aphrodisiac ruled by Venus

Rose Quartz Heart: represents gentleness and tranquility

Yarrow: Creates an energetic protective barrier around you because love can hurt sometimes

Nigella: Commonly known as Love-in-the-Mist & ruled by Venus.

Baby's Breath: to remind ourselves to stay gentle and playful

Winged Everlasting: To stay connected to lost loved ones 


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