'Leo' Wreath

'Leo' Wreath

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'Leo Wreath'

The 'Leo Wreath' is made with Fire & Sun-ruled botanicals, hues of orange, many shades of pink & a bit of yellow & green speak to the zealous spirit of the 5th astrological sign. A dangling rose quartz crystal hangs from a golden chain at the wreath's center to represent the Big Heart of our beloved Leos.

From July 23rd- August 22nd, Leo is in celebration as the Sun passes the through the constellation of the Lion. Leo is a Sun-ruled Fire sign; Leos tend to be energetic, vivacious and loyal beings with a powerful leadership abilities. Here is an herbal wreath tailored just to Leo plant, planet and emotional energies.


Wreath: Grape Vine, lavender, safflower, sunflowers, straw flowers, chamomile, lemon leaf, mullein, russian statice, golden rod, Saint John's Wort, bunny tail, tansy + a rose quartz crystal. 

The grapevine wreath is  approx 6" in diameter. With added florals the diameter varies up to 8'.