'Hunt, Gather & Forage' Herbal Tea

'Hunt, Gather & Forage' Herbal Tea

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'Hunt, Gather & Forage' Herbal Tea

An herbaceous tea replete with vitamins and minerals, 'Hunt, Gather, Forage' is a nutritious cup of caffeine-free tea. Many of the herbs in this blend are known for their high content of essential nutrients like iron, silica, selenium, vitamin C and much more. This is a great tea blend to drink weekly to improve the integrity of the hair, skin, teeth, nails, bones and connective tissues. Orange peel is considered a "carrier" herb, meaning it helps to enhance the effects and further disperse them throughout the body. 

 Organic Ingredients:  Horsetail, nettle, oranges, cleavers, oatstraw, calendula & spearmint

2 oz

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