Hops Extract

Hops Extract

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If you’ve ever smelled fresh hops (or a hearty IPA beer) you may have thought it smelled just like marijuana. That’s because like weed, hops is in the #cannabacea family. It’s got sticky aromatic resins which soothe both the digestive tract and nervous system. 

Hops is great for insomnia— especially if induced by anxiety or an overheated body temperature since its an herb that cools hot constitutions. The aroma alone is said to lure one towards a deep and nourishing sleep. For this reason I have hop filled eye pillows in the works! 

Hops has smooth muscle antispasmodic qualities making it a potential alleviator for menstrual and digestive cramping. 

Hops is an amazing herb, but may not be the best option for someone experiencing depression, as it may amplify this state. As always when considering an herbal regiment, it’s wise to consult your doctor or professional healthcare provider.