Healthy Hair Oil

Healthy Hair Oil

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Why oil for your hair? (Applicable to your beard as well!)

Our scalp already produces a natural oil called sebum. Sebum protects and moisturizes our skin and hair shaft. Often, the sebum production is thrown out of whack by oil stripping detergents in our shampoos, which then trigger a rapid production of sebum or even worse, stunt sebum excretions. Dry flakey skin can become an issue as well as oily looking hair even if it’s just been washed. This leads folks to wash daily which basically perpetuates the viscous cycle of hair and scalp woes. Down the line this can lead to other issues such as clogged follicles, ingrown hairs, chronic dandruff or even hair loss.

Nourishing your scalp with the right kind of oils and herbs can establish balance to your mane. From natural healthy sebum production, soothing and moisturizing dry itchy scalp, opening up pores and cleansing hair follicles and even replenishing thirsty splitting ends. My oil of choice is almond because their hair and skin drink it up quick and assimilate the fatty acids, protein and hair-loving vitamins.

Herbs like rosemary and nettle have a lengthy history of promoting circulation on the scalp enough to to stimulate hair growth. Horsetail, loaded with silica, fortifies the hair shaft.

organic ingredients: almond oil, nettle, rosemary, horsetail.