'Gemini' Wreath

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'Gemini Wreath'

The 'Gemini Wreath' is made with Air & Mercury-ruled botanicals, hues of all types of yellow, soft light hints of purple & the shades of ivory to appease the heart of the 3rd astrological sign. A dangling clear quartz crystal hangs from a golden chain at the wreath's center to represent the Air Element .

From May 21th to  the Summer Solstice on June 20th, Gemini is in celebration as the Sun passes the through the constellation of the Twins. Gemini is a Mercury-ruled air sign; Geminis tend to be intellectual thinkers with a powerful ability to charm with their words. Here is an herbal wreath tailored just to Gemini energies.


Wreath: Grape Vine, two types of lavender, two types of sage, fennel, yellow  straw flower, poppy pods, goldenrod, tansy, milky oats, roses, billy balls and spearmint + a clear quartz crystal. 

The grapevine wreath is  approx 6" in diameter. With added florals the diameter varies up to 8'.