Mini Holiday Ritual Soy Candle

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'Winter Glow' is topped with red peppercorns. Scent notes:

  • Top: smoked oud + cedar
  • Middle: enlivening peppermint
  • Base: roasted brown sugar

'Whiskey Eggnog' is topped with orange granules. Scent notes:

  • Top: spiced rum, amaretto, sweet orange + whipped cream
  • Middle: maple syrup, butter + patchouli 
  • Base: smoked oak, birch tar, pine + tonka bean

 'Doug Fir' is topped with evergreen needles. Scent notes:

  • Top: bergamot, prosecco + pine pitch
  • Middle: blue spruce, moss, fresh foliage + patchouli
  • Base: western red cedar, cypress, fir needles + eucalyptus

'Pumpkin Tobacco' is topped with black tea leaves. Scent notes:

  • Top: Crush cloves, allspice, & cinnamon sticks
  • Mid: Pureed squash, brewed black tea, & tobacco leaf
  • Base: Fresh pumpkin, leather and toasted oak


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