‘Blue Moon Samhain' Mini Soy Candle

‘Blue Moon Samhain' Mini Soy Candle

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This year Samhain occurs on a blue moon. We wanted to honor this rare occurrence with a gorgeous ritual candle that smells lIke a cozy cup of hot tea with honey that’s been adorned by moon charms. 


  • Top: Oatmeal, Honey, Milk
  • Medium: Warming Clove
  • Bottom: Cleansing Lavender


  • mugwort, marigold, star anise, wolf lichen, corn flower, Himalayan Rock Salt & Blue Mica Powder


Our candles are made with 100% premium soy wax & essential oils as well as body safe fragrances. We use reclaimed wooden wicks to ensure the cleanest burn, which is safer for allergies & asthma.  As a bonus, it burns low and slow. 


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