Big Spring Sale

Big Spring Sale

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We are cleaning our shelves! In your 'Big Spring Sale' pack you will find an array of goodies that have been lightly damaged (but still very usable), or that we no longer sell (but are still great!) and candles/burn wands that weren’t perfect enough to sell full price, but are still very beautiful & burnable! We hope you love your items & use this kit to treat yourself to some serious self-care time! 

Each a bag will have a some combination of a 3-5 of the following objects which will equate to a $65 for only $42!

  • Miscellaneous Large beeswax altar candle
  • Large Ritual soy candle
  • Ritual Bath product
  • A mini burn bundle
  • A medium burn bundle 
  • Herbal teas
  • Mold beeswax candles
  • and more!


All spring cleaning sales are final, no returns allowed.