Amour Botanical Burn Wand

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'Amour' is a wand of pure aroma & beauty! Made with organic lavender as the base and a collection of floral adornments related to love & the heart space! This is a burn wand that invites warmth, love and lightness into the heart and home. 

    • Lavender: Cleansing and calming 
    • Yarrow: Creates energetic protective barrier around you because love can hurt sometimes!
    • Nigella: Aka 'Love-in-the-Mist' is ruled by Venus & associated with seduction, kisses & love.
    • Bunny Tail: To remind us to stay playful
    • Apple: Signifies the heart
    • Straw Flower: To stay connected to lost loved ones.
    • Baby's Breath: To remind us to stay gentle and soft
    • Russian Statice: For strength & durability through hard times.