‘Abundance' Medium Burn Bundle

‘Abundance' Medium Burn Bundle

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‘Abundance’ burn wand encompasses foliage that represents the harvesting season of autumn. Just before winter, many fruits, roots, flowers and berries precipitate into their ripe stage and are ready to be reaped. We present this wand as an offering of gratitude to the earth. As the weather cools and before the ground lies dormant, Mother Nature provides us with one last harvest of sustenance to keep us nourished through the colder months. 

  • Desert sage smells of freshly rained upon earth and grows in abundance over much of California and the Southwest. It’s high in volatile oils and cleanses the air when it catches fire and its smoke is emitted.


  • An apple slice sits at its base and reminds us that it’s harvesting time for nature’s candy. Apples signify future happiness and good health to come.


  • Pearly everlasting is part of the Daisy family and blooms in late summer. It symbolized longevity (hence the name “everlasting”) and bolsters spiritual growth. 

  • Statice-- another everlasting flower with incredibly durable bracts, signifies strength and endurance. 

  • Rose is the flower of the heart. Its resilience shines through as it blossoms through summer, fall and winter. 

  • Tiny sunflowers signify the ebbing sunshine. Its rays retract bit by bit as the nights elongate during the colder seasons. 
  • Strawflowers enhance our connection with ancestors. During autumn the veil between worlds thin and straw flowers facilitate communication with the Otherworld and spirits.  

Made with hand harvested desert sage, sun flowers & pearly everlasting. As well as yellow & pale purple statice, strawflower, rose an apple slice. 

This listing is for one wand of approx 7"