'Honey Rose & Cocoa Bean' Tea Toke

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'Honey Rose & Cocoa Bean' Tea Toke

This sweet treat of a tea toke is wrapped in a cocoa bean leaf filled with organic heart-centered herbs and a honey-tip dipped in roses and other love centric herbs— such a sweet treat!

‘Honey Rose & Cocoa Bean’ Tea Toke is our signature Venus Tea Toke Blend, infused with a few more relaxing and aphrodisiac herbs, and packed into a Cocoa Bean leaf cone made from cocoa bean husks. This cone is completely organic and offers a rich and flavorful addition to an already delicious herbal cigarette.
Organic Ingredients: Cocoa Bean Cone, mullein, tulsi, roses, damiana, lemon balm, clove, licorice, hawthorn, rooibos, passionflower & honey.


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