'Garden Flower Green Tea' Set

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Garden Flower Green Tea Set

This set is truly perfect for any tea time & candle lover! Around the world tea ceremonies are part of everyday life. From the manner in which it is prepared, the tools used to brew it, to the relaxation the herbs induce, tea is a beverage that generates both community through sharing a pot and peaceful solitude sipping a cup in your cozy home. 

The history of tea lights is all in the name! In 12th century Japanese culture, the little candles were used beneath the teapot to keep the liquid hot throughout tea ceremonies. The tradition of using candles during tea time spread across countries and evolved into a ritual of creating a relaxing ambiance with the tranquility of a dancing flame while enjoying the most comforting beverage in the world. 

Our Fair Trade green tea leaves are infused with organic flower petals and herbs that enhance and compliment the flavor profile of crisp and light green tea. Within this set is 8 adorable tea lights.

'Garden Flower Green Tea' Set

Garden Flower Green Tea + 8 Tea Time Tea Light Candles + Green Glass Tea Light Holder + Glass Tea Steep (optional)


  • Garden Flower Green Tea is a 2oz pouch of Fair Trade, loose leaf tea with leaves that are carefully hand rolled and then pan-fried. The pan-fried leaves produce a highly fragrant, yellow-greenish brew with a distinctive, sweet flavor, and is known for its plum-like sweetness and smoothness. The flavor is refreshing, crisp & light with hints of lemon & rose. To enhance these flavors we added organic flower petals and herbs of rose, calendula and lemongrass.   
  • Tea Time Tea Light Set in a recyclable box with 8 tea lights tucked in. 

    Earl Grey & Lavender Creme has top notes of Brewed black tea & roasted chestnuts, middle notes of lavender bunches & chopped pine and bottom notes of  blooming neroli & fresh orange peel. Jasmine Blossom Green Tea has tops notes of steeped hojicha green tea & chopped birch wood, middle notes of lemongrass & violets and bottom notes of crushed Jasmine blossom & fresh gardenia petals. Ginger Tea + Honey has tops notes of honeycrisp apple drizzled in maple syrup, middle notes of sliced fresh ginger and bottom notes of crystalized honey. Chamomile Rose has a top note of ethereal amber, middle note of a bouquet of a dozen rock roses and a bottom not of freshly picked chamomile blossoms. Eight tealights total, 2 of each aroma. 

  • Green Glass Tea Light Holder is a gorgeous green throne to set your burning tea light in as you sip your green tea.
  • Glass Tea Steep (OPTIONAL) is made with borosilicate glass and comes with a cork lid. It's a way to brew your loose leaf tea while watching the magic of the tea seep into the water through the slits in the glass vial. Glass is thought to be one of the purest ways to brew tea.  

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