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Explore the past eight months of our subscription box for a discounted price! These are seven limited edition candles that we're bringing back for a limited time. These scents are more bold and unique than what we typically sell; so be adventurous and try something new! 


Scent #2

Top Notes: Crystalized Ginger, Orange Valenci  Middle Notes: Orchid & Rose Petals Coconut Husks, Caramel  Base Notes: Creme Brulee, Vanilla Souffle, Ambrette Glaze

Scent #3

Top Notes: Chopped lemon leaf, Watercress, Wet earth, Lavender  Middle Notes: Persian cucumber, Morning dew, and Lemon verbena tea  Base Notes: Lemon cucumber, Crushed white pepper and Iris blossom

Scent #4

Top Notes: Aromatic sage, Champagne, and Graphite  Middle Notes: Jasmine, Sweet rose, and Vetiver  Base Notes: Light musk, Sugar, Benzoin, and Cream

Scent #5

Top Notes: Zesty lemon, Ginger, and Geranium  Middle Notes: Jasmine, Plumeria, and Lilly  Base Notes: Cedar wood, Roses, Coconut musk, and Peppery ginger

Scent #6

Top Notes: Ripe orange peel, and Myrrh resin  Middle Notes: Crushed walnuts, Baked red plum, and Honey butter  Base Notes: Cinnamon, Toasted tonka bean, and Frankincense resin

Scent #7

Top Notes: Crispy dough and Browned butter  Middle Notes: Pistachio gelato and Amaretto  Base Notes: Clove, Smokey oud, and Leather

Scent #8

Top Notes: Dark citrus & fresh lavender buds  Middle Notes: A crisp winter forest & cracked pepper  Base Notes: Birchwood & cleansing eucalyptus & earthy resins