'Mulling Spice Tea' Gift Set

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This gift set comes with a 3.5oz of our 'Mulling Spice' Tea, our 'Looking Glass' Tea Steep and a pouch of 'Protection' Tea Lights.

'Mulling Spice' Tea is made with traditional mulling spices infused with immunity boosting herbs. Organic Ingredients: Allspice, orange peel, cinnamon sticks, clove, elderberry, licorice root, ginger & star anise.

'Looking Glass' Tea Steep is made with borosillicate glass and is a natural and safe way to get the most out of your loose leaf tea blends, as glass is one of the best materials to pair your tea with! 

'Protection' Tea Lights come in a pouch with two soy candles topped with lavender. The aroma is made with cleansing scents of rosemary and lavender essential oils. 

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