'Candle Flight' Gift Set

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This gift set comes with a 1 oz tin of each soy candle from our Holiday and Harvest Collections, the 'Snowy Evergreen' beeswax altar candles, a mini 'Dusk' beeswax altar candle and a glass tube of 10 white tipped matches with a striker and cork top!

Each candle is made with 100% non GMO soy wax, a wooden wick and is made without phthalates. Burn time is approximately 12-16 hours each.

'Pumpkin Tobacco' is topped with black tea leaves. Scent notes:

  • Top: Crush cloves, allspice, & cinnamon sticks
  • Mid: Pureed squash, brewed black tea, & tobacco leaf
  • Base: Fresh pumpkin, leather and toasted oak

 'Doug Fir' is topped with evergreen needles. Scent notes:

  • Top: bergamot, prosecco + pine pitch
  • Middle: blue spruce, moss, fresh foliage + patchouli
  • Base: western red cedar, cypress, fir needles + eucalyptus

'Whiskey Eggnog' is topped with orange granules. Scent notes:

  • Top: spiced rum, amaretto, sweet orange + whipped cream
  • Middle: maple syrup, butter + patchouli 
  • Base: smoked oak, birch tar, pine + tonka bean

'Winter Glow' is topped with red peppercorns. Scent notes:

  • Top: smoked oud + cedar
  • Middle: enlivening peppermint
  • Base: roasted brown sugar

'Snowy Evergreen' beeswax altar candles are made with an organic cotton wick and pure white beeswax and have the scent of cedar and vanilla. The tapers are topped with an evergreen cypress sprig. 

'Dusk' is made with beeswax, cotton wick and Himalayan salt. The only scent is that subtle honey aroma from the natural beeswax. 

Gift Set Valued at $38