Lavender 'Face Tea'

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A healing herbal skin tonic made with 100% organic hydrosol. This hydrating and refreshing hydrosol is made from spring water and lavender blossoms. What a delicacy for our biggest organ and exterior shell! 

Hydrosol is the co-product made in the process of creating essential oils. The essential oils float to the top and are syphoned off and the remaining product is an water-based solution replete with water-soluable herbal components & micro droplets of plant oils suspended throughout the solution, all from the process of distillation. 

In the realm of folk herbalism, this herbal potion is known as the Spirit of the plant.

Unlike essential oils, hydrosols are gentle enough for everyone, including infants and the elderly.

This solution is safe to use on blemishes, cuts, bruises, inflammation, acne, rosacea, hot spots, rashes and other skin irritations. Mist your face to cool down redness, shrink pores, diminish fine lines, to set your skin before makeup application, hydrate your cells and generally feel like a queen.


Organic ingredients: distilled Lavender & spring water


*it is wise to consult a healthcare provider before using herbal products. 

**these statements are not intended to treat or diagnose people & illnesses. 

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