'Sapphire' Bath Salt (Discontinued)

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'Sapphire' Ritual Bath Salts come in a 4oz glass tube with a reusable cork lid. It's filled with earthy salts and flowers to nourish the body, mind and soul. 
Due to the gorgeous blue flower petals used in this blend, your bathwater will be a gorgeous blue hue-- hence the name of the salt!
  • Epsom Salt detoxes the skin and relaxes the muscles giving us the ultimate relaxing feeling.
  • Lavender blossoms for relaxation
  • Blue Lotus flowers for enhanced connection to the psychic powers we each possess.
  • Blue Corn flowers for their gentle astringent effect on our skin.
  • Butterfly Pea flowers to give your bath water a magical blue color for you to relax in and enjoy.
  • Motherwort for fierceness as well as a sense of maternal embrace.
  • Eucalyptus, bergamot & cedar essential oil.