'Watermelon' Candle

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Our 'In the Garden' Collection invites the ripe and juicy scents from a flourishing garden into the comfort of your sacred space.

In the 'Watermelon' Candle, we offer you an aroma that represents the sweet watery crispness of a perfectly edible watermelon. Think more along the lines of the true aroma of the crawling and climbing melon vs sticky sweet bubblegum scent. 

Scent Notes:

  • Top:  Berries, baby powder, clover
  • Mid:   Fresh peaches, sweet daiquiri, nectar
  • Base:   Juicy watermelon, sweet honeydew

Each 100% soy 'Watermelon' candle poured into a deep green glass 4oz vessel, with a recycled wooden wick & is topped with a pinch of jade crystals.